How To Make Your Very Own Monster High Doll House

If you’re a Monster High Doll fan then you know how awesome these dolls are. There’s only one more thing more awesome and that’s to have your very own Monster High Doll house to put them in.

I’m going to include some videos and images on this page to give you some very cool ideas on how you can either create a Monster High Doll house from scratch or perhaps modify one you might already have. I think making your own doll house is a great idea as you can customise it and make it as big as you want. Obviously if you have a large collection of Monster High Dolls (and what Monster High fan doesn’t) then you’ll want a lot of room.

Building your own Monster High Doll House is a lot of fun and can be a project to share with Mom or Dad. It can be as grand and elaborate as you like and remember there really is no rush so take your time and have fun adding your own special touches.

How To Build A Monster High Doll House Using Cardboard

Here’s the first video I’d like you to see. It’s from a very talented girl called Lola who is an expert in creating beautiful cardboard doll houses. She accessorizes the dolls houses by using such things as bottle tops, popsicle sticks and sponges. She gets a lot of her materials from thrift stores so there’s no need to spend a fortune. When you’re done you’ll have a Monster High Doll House like no one else, totally unique and all yours.

I love how she uses wallpaper for the walls and makes her own chandeliers with beads. Just watching that video gives me so many ideas. What about Draculaura’s coffin bed? It looks so cool with jewels attached to it. How much fun would that be to make? Check out how Lola makes Draculaura’s coffin in the next video.


Here is a link to Lola’s blog where she gives you even more ideas and instructions such as this one:

How To Build The Monster High Skull Academy Spiral Staircase (featured in the first video on this page)


More Monster High Doll House Ideas Using Cardboard

Here’s another great way to build your Monster High Doll house but this version is about drawing the furniture onto the cardboard such as kitchen cupboards, hanging pictures, chandeliers etc and then adding sofas and beds etc. You really have to see it though because it looks great. You could cut out pictures of your favorite Monster High Dolls, add a frame and hang them in your dolls house for some cool art work. I love how it’s accessorized with bed covers and flooring . Check out the video below and you’ll see what I mean.

Instructions for the above house are on the My Froggy Princess blog at this link here

In the below videos are instructions by My Froggy Princess on how to build a 12 inch doll bed and how to make a doll closet. You won’t believe how easy these are to make not to mention affordable as you are using everyday throw away items such as cereal boxes.



So don’t forget to check out MyFroggy Princess because she has so many more instructions and tutorials on cool things to make for your Monster High Doll House.

Below are some images from another amazing website (My Small Obsession) that also has a lot of really cool dolls house stuff that you can make. At the moment she is converting an old Barbie doll house into a Monster High Doll House and using the instructions in the video above she has made these great Monster High Beds that you see below. I love the little touches such as the little black skulls on the top of Spectra’s bed posts. You really are only limited by your imagination.

Monster High Dolls House Beds

I just want to include one more picture of another cardboard doll house. This is absolutely amazing and you can picture how it would look once painted in Monster High style. There is so much detail in this doll house. the balcony and round attic window are gorgeous additions and really make the house. I’ve added a photo below but you can check out the All Things Crafty blog for more detailed photos of this incredible doll house.

Cardboard Doll House

How To Transform A Doll House You Already Have Into A Monster High Doll House

Now a lot of you might already have a dolls house but it’s aimed more towards a Barbie doll, well don’t despair because you can easily change the look to something a little more sinister and spooky by using black paint and scary accessories. Check out the pictures below.

Monster High Doll House BeforeThis is a Before photo of a KidKraft dolls house

Monster High Doll House AfterThis is the same KidKraft dolls house after the Monster High transformation

You can buy a KidKraft doll house to transform exactly the same as the one above from this link KidKraft doll house. There are also many cheaper versions of KidKraft dolls houses that can be used and being wood they are very strong however I think the cardboard styles we have already talked about look just as good, if not better and are certainly cheaper. The only advantage to buying a ready made house is it saves a lot of time on the actual construction. The above images came from CafeMom.

Here is a another transformed doll house that was found in the trash. They’ve recycled it into a cool Monster High Doll house. Remember, not everyone has room for a large doll house and if your doll house is a little smaller you can always take it with you when visiting Grand Ma’s

Monster High Doll House BeforeBefore photo of an old doll house found in the trash

Monster High Doll House AfterAfter the Monster High transformation

The above photos were found on Katee Jane’s House blog where you can see more pictures of this doll house.

The next video is another example of transforming a Barbie dollhouse into a Monster High Doll House. Poor old Barbie really has been replaced by Monster High Dolls but at least some of her accessories can be put to good use. So don’t throw out anything related to your old dolls, because everything can be recycled with a bit of imagination.

How To Transform An Old Bookcase Into A Monster High Doll House

I’ve saved the best for last!

This is one of the most amazing Monster High Dolls Houses ever. The attention to detail is just amazing.

It’s an old bookcase that has been painted and converted and out of all the Monster High Doll houses this has to be my favorite. While there aren’t any instructions, the video will give you a pretty good idea on what to do. An old bookcase can be picked up cheaply and painted easily so this really is something anyone can do.
The decorating part is easy too, it’s just a matter of using scrap material and getting inventive.
I’ve included links to buy some of the Monster High furniture and accessories that you see in the video but remember you can also make a lot of stuff cheaply as you’ve already seen discussed above.

The bottom floor contains the living room complete with sofas and fireplace. Most of the Monster High dolls including Cleo De Nile are hanging out here.

Click Here To Buy Draculaura Powder Room Playset

The second floor has Draculaura‘s and Frankie Stein‘s room.
Draculaura’s room is truly exquisite and incorporates her coffin, has amazing wallpaper and a cool star mirror on the wall. They have used a Count Fabulous electrocutie as a light for her room. It looks amazing and is a great touch. It would look awesome at night.

Click Here To Buy Count Fabulous Electrocutie

Frankie Stein’s room has her mirror bed and coffin locker on the floor. The brick work on the walls is a great addition to Frankie’s room.

Click Here To Buy Frankie Stein’s Mirror Bed

Click Here To Buy Frankie Stein’s Play Set With Coffin Locker

The third floor has Clawdeen Wolf, Toralei, Ghoulia Yelps and Lagoona Blue‘s room.

Cladeen Wolf and Toralei share a room which is decorated in really cool animal print flooring and includes Clawdeen’s bed set.
Lagoona Blue and Ghoulia Yelps share a room which has little shells glued to the wall and bubbles painted on the floor and walls. Lagoona also has her Pet Neptuna electrocutie.

Click Here To Buy Neptuna Electrocutie

The fourth floor has the beauty spa and cafe, Wow!!
Spectra Vondergeist has her beauty parlour here complete with lotions and creams.
next door is the cafe where Clawd Wolf and Deuce Gorgon are hanging out. It even has a little Starbucks coffee sticker and cup cakes.

The top floor has a hot tub and wicker furniture so the Monster High Dolls can chill out and relax. Jackson Jekyll and Clawdeen Wolf are lazing around while Lagoona Blue is enjoying the hot tub.

Ok…….so you can see how many different ways there are to make your own doll house and how much fun it would be to start making Monster High Doll Houses.

I hope I’ve inspired you and given you plenty of ideas to make your very own Monster High Doll House.

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